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Fees and battels

Payment of Fees and Battels

Payments can be made online. Alternatively students may visit the Accounts department, situated in the Bursary, to make payment of their course fees and battels, or pay directly into the College’s bank account, details of which are provided on the fee invoice and battels statements. See below for more detailed information on fees and battels.


Course fees are invoiced by the College to each student at the start of the academic year. Full payment of these fees must be made by Thursday of 1st Week in the term in which the academic course starts, which is usually Michaelmas Term. All students are expected to pay their fees in full at the start of the academic year, but in exceptional circumstances the Bursar may permit the fees to be paid termly. To make payment of your fees click here.

For Home/EU undergraduate students, you will be eligible to apply annually for a loan from the UK Government for the full amount of your tuition fees; these will then be paid directly to the University of Oxford and you will not have to pay anything upfront. Further information on Government support can be found on the University website.

A Graduate Continuation Charge is levied by the College on graduate research students after they have reached the end of their standard period of fee liability. The charge is made termly, and payment is due at the start of each term.  University Continuation Charges will also be payable, you will be required to pay these directly to the University.

Please see the University website for detailed information about fees. Please see the Red Book for further details on course fees.


Battels are College charges, excluding course fees. At the start of each term you will be emailed and pinged a copy of your battels statement which will be due to be paid by Thursday of 1st Week in each term, with a final bill distributed at the end of Trinity Term.

Items detailed on your bill may include accommodation charges for that term, student society levies, printing charges and other services or credits that have arisen in the preceding term.

To make a battels payment click here.

Please see the University website for an overview of the estimated living costs for an undergraduate.

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For any queries relating to payment of battels statements or fee invoices, email the Accounts Department on